Núcleo RH is known for its commitment to the partnership established with the client company and the executives participating in each project.

We are aware of the responsibility of keeping an open channel of communication, attentive to the rights and obligations of each party in the process.

A genuine partnership is the result of a commitment to quality in rendering services to client companies. In order to guarantee the high standards, we value:


The staff at Núcleo RH and its facilities represent the interests of each client company. In every partnership we establish, the employees of the client company are kept apart from other selective processes.


Absolute secrecy and discretion are values that we at Núcleo RH take very seriously. If required, the client’s identity may also be kept confidential.


The staff is trained to assist with quality and flexibility in all stages of the process. Close attention to pre-established deadlines reinforce and deepen the partnership with the client company.

Flow in communication

The client is kept informed regularly, through reports that allow them to objectively follow each step of the project. We also organize regular meetings in order to keep open the channel of communication and the transparency of our work.


The client company and its needs are always given the highest priority. Each assignment is performed with the aim of best matching the interests of the client company with the capabilities of Núcleo RH.