About Us

Since 1999 Núcleo RH has been providing recruitment and evaluation services for executives, always aiming at contributing to the development of successful business strategies at client companies.

With a wide knowledge of the Brazilian market, its objective is to identify and evaluate talents to occupy executive positions, from specialized/ technical posts to high level management.

Núcleo RH provides services for companies in many different segments of the market, both national and international.

To that end, Núcleo RH´s well trained staff is ready to assist and suggest the best alternatives for the client company. This methodology allows developing projects with flexibility, accuracy and agility.

A long term partnership involving the participation of outstanding professionals in the process are the result of a relationship based in trust and confidentiality from all involved.

We thank you for your interest in visiting this website. We are happy to arrange a visit to our company so we can explain in more detail our methodology, developed from the experience accumulated in the search and evaluation of executive professionals.