We are permanently concerned in searching for associates who share our values and who contribute to improve the ability to assist our client companies with excellence.

Nucleo RH is a small company in size, but it is very concerned with assembling a team with outstanding abilities both technical and intellectual.

Maria Sílvia Hermeto Pedrosa
Having worked for 18 years in Human Resources departments in financial institutions, Maria Silvia started Núcleo RH, in 1999.
She is the founder and managing director. With the personality of an entrepreneur, she started working in projects mainly assisting companies in the financial market. Majored in Psychology, she has a title of Specialist in Human Resources from FGV as well as a number of specialization courses in HR.

Camila Freire
Economist graduated from PUC-SP. She started her career 15 years ago in the technology and food industry. She developed her career in national and multinational companies, such as Ambev, HP and EMC, focused on Financial Planning and Project Management activities. She is highly specialized in market studies and executive search.

Not only do we have a highly specialized team to guarantee the high standards necessary to assist our client companies, but we also work in partnership with freelance consultants specializing in Coaching and Assessment.