Núcleo RH works with a standard of excellence on each and every project, aiming for full satisfaction of and a long term relationship with the client company. It aims at being the leading consulting company in the areas we specialize in.

In order to keep our high standards, we concentrate our philosophy on the following set of values:

Ethics: integrity and responsibility for the relationship with the client company and professionalism in all projects conducted by Núcleo RH.

Trust: loyalty to its own values and members of its staff as well as to the client company and its current and prospective executives.

Quality: to guarantee the objectivity, consistency and excellence of the services provided.

to be dedicated to the execution of the tasks involved in the project, protecting the interests of the client company and respecting the aspirations of each professional.

Confidentiality: to scrupulously protect the secrecy of confidential matters.

Knowledge: to possess a deep knowledge of the technical abilities and the field of each client company.