Executive Search

Our team at Núcleo RH helps the client company in identifying professionals from the different segments of the market to occupy either technical or high management positions.

We understand that each project in executive recruitment involves a deep understanding of the company and of the position itself.

Starting from the profile of the candidate and the competencies demanded by the position to be occupied, we make a confidential and thorough research of the market.

Based on interviews to potential applicants, we present a detailed evaluation that will guide the client company in the search for the ideal candidate.

We give full support to the client company from the beginning of the project to the final decision concerning the best applicant for the position.

We guarantee the replacement of the candidates hired through Núcleo RH, in case the recruit leaves the client company within the time frame previously agreed to in contract.

The client company will be protected for a pre- determined period in contract during which Núcleo RH will not place their employees for other client companies.

We work on an exclusive retainer basis, meaning that we are the only company hired to identify and place the professional required.